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Over the years, I have used my creative talents for various outlets.  My passion is to design and make one of kind jewelry.  I use nature as my inspirations such as natural stones and natural color pallets.  My artistic jewelry is an extension of who I am.

As an artist of oil and acrylic painting I have learned all about choosing the best color schemes.  Colors can remind you of the blue sky, tan sands and green sea grass.   I use these colors in many of my jewelry pieces to remind you of your time at a beach.

My designs are based on my journey through life.  I make the base of jewelry as strong as possible.  The color splash is the special moments.  My jewelry is meant to make you smile and reflect who you are as a person.

During one of my craft shows I was asked what the “WLC” initial stands for in my business name.  WLC (Wilna Loves Chris) was created over ten years ago.  My business adventure is a family affair.  You will see pictures of my beautiful family as models. My husband helps and supports me in business decisions, show set ups and he is the best salesman.  He says it is easy because he believes in the jewelry.  He tells funny stories of me stopping in the middle of a trip to pick wildflowers for my jewelry.  You will find these flowers in many of my resin pendants.I am continuing to learn and advance my techniques and skills.  You are welcome to join me in my path.  I share behind the scenes videos and photos on  Instagram @wlcartistry 

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