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Why Cernit?

Cernit is a premium modeling polymer clay created with PVC and a plasticizer additive. There are as many uses as one could imagine! Cernit can be molded, sculpted, with or without tools, printed or mixed with stones, pearls, feathers, powders, paints...its uses are only limited by your imagination!

The baking process is what causes the clay to harden The baking allows polymerization to occur. Cernit is different from other polymer clays in that Cernit’s products bake with a small amount of flexibility that is retained unlike most other polymer clays that get hard and brittle.

Cernit is available in a large color range allows both beginners and experienced users to vary shades without having to mix colors. The color choice also allows for a more consistent colors than is easily achievable by mixing. Polymer clay is liked for making decorative items such as jewelry (earrings, bracelets, pendants), figurines, accessories, miniature food or even for customization and restoration of furniture. Children as well as adults or professional artisans and jewelry makers use this polymer clay.

To download the Cernit Brochure with the color selection, click here.

The Cernit brand has many different shades and effects

  • Cernit Number One: 42 opaque colors, glossy after polishing. Available in 56 g, 250 g, 500 g.
  • Cernit Opaline: 14 colors with a porcelain-like finish. Available in 56 g.
  • Cernit Pearl: 7 pearlescent colors in packages of 56 g.
  • Cernit Metallic: 7 metallic colors in packages of 56 g.
  • Cernit Translucent: 14 transparent colors and one phosphorescent/glowing color. This range is very popular among the artisans due to its amazing transparency. Cernit Translucent is available in 56 g, 250 g, 500 g packages.
  • Cernit Neon: The most neon colors of all polymer clays, 4 colors available in 56 g
  • Cernit Nature: 3 colors with a stone and dirt effect thanks to strands in the clay that allows an irregular aspect, similar to the one of a stone. Available in pieces of 56 g.
  • Cernit Doll: 7 colors that have a skin-like effect (slightly translucent) and one translucent flesh color. This clay has an aspect very close to flesh, a porcelain-like finish and is totally suitable for creating dolls. Each piece weighs 500 g.
  • Cernit Soft Mix: a clay softener that does no change the color of the clay. You can mix up to a third of Cernit Soft Mix with 2/3 with the normal Cernit polymer clay. This way, the clay will be easier to work with and be softer. This process increases the plasticity of the clay.
  • Cernit Magic Mix: a plasticizer additive that makes any polymer clay softer and more pliable. WLC Artistry even offers Magic Mix in 1ml and 5ml Sample bottles!

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