Handmade - What is it?

Over the years, the meaning of words change, just ask anyone associated with Merriam Webster.  Marketers love to do this as do politicians.  They change the meaning of words or use them in the wrong way to suit their purpose.

So, what does "Handmade" mean now?  Handmade used to mean a custom crafted product created by an artisan in one sense.  In some cases, it meant that the item was "home made."   It was never intended to represent a mass produced product.  Sadly, this is no longer the case today.  Advertisers at craft shows love the term, but the buyer should beware that this can mean "retail items made by hand in sweat shops in third world countries."  The vendor is simply a retailer, buying and selling items without any artistic or creative input to the item. 

When I buy something "handmade" or "hand crafted" I expect the heart and soul of the artisan to be involved...and I will gladly pay the going rate for that artistic creation.

We at WLC do not participate in "retail arbitrage" or simply the buying and selling of retail items.  This is about art and creativity.  WLC Artistry will continue to push art and creativity instead of "profits at all costs."