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What are Magic Mix Samples?

A new order arrives and we are thrilled. We literally celebrate every new order! Then we get ready to pack the order and one of the items is more firm than we are really comfortable with. You see, Wilna and I have noticed that Cernit's products have a wide range of firmness. We have experienced clay that you cannot even dent with your fingers crumble. We have experienced that same hardness in the package work out fine by simply rolling it between your hands into a rope. There is a lot of what we engineers call "variability" in firmness.

Cernit Magic Mix is sort of like an insurance policy. You find exactly the right product and color for a specific task. Only the manufacturers can control the firmness of the product. We as sellers are held to whatever is supplied so you may get something that is harder (or softer) than what you need. An 80ml bottle of Magic Mix would last a really long time and most people do not want to buy that much. So Wilna and I decided that we would make smaller sample bottles and offer them a tiny prices. This allows you to buy your "insurance" very easily!

We offer these samples in 1ml and 5 ml bottles. Each of these is filled from genuine Cernit Magic Mix 80ml bottle. We use a laboratory pipette that is accurate to 99.9% to transfer the samples. That's it! A small sample at a small price. We are confident that once you try Magic Mix, you will want more! It literally works "like magic!"

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