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Is Cernit Vegan?

as of 9/15/21

Valid for all Cernit clays produced before the end of July 2021:

Cernit does not contain products of animal origin and is not tested on animals, but in the process of manufacturing of two raw materials one of our suppliers uses pork fat, this means that two raw materials are in contact with pork fat. There are about 2% of these raw materials in the Cernit polymer clay. We have already studied the possibility to replace these raw materials by other raw materials which are 100% vegetable.

From end of July 2021:

All the Cernit clay we are producing since end of July is 100% vegan. Since this date, the vegan logo is printed on the label. But it will of course take some months before all colours are produced in 100% vegan quality and are on the market. Once all the currently inventory is sold, it will be replaced by 100% vegan products.

This is a direct message from our Cernit account manager. Stay tuned for further development on this important subject. We can certainly look forward to seeing the new Vegan labeling soon! We have been monitoring the new packaging and do not yet see the vegan labeling. As soon as we see this, we will add the information to our products on a case by case basis.

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