We Love Etsy Customers!

We are thrilled to have you as a customer, no matter what online platform you like to to use. The fees charged by other online platforms like Etsy can be high. We shop online very carefully. We search and try to find the best value we can. For WLC Artistry, your best value is here on our website. Since we control the fees and the cost, the prices here are at a significant discount. Same great Cernit products - Same great service - And YOU save money!

Etsy Fees: Please understand that this is not a complaint. We try to be fully transparent about what we sell and HOW we do business. So this is just full disclosure so you know what YOU are paying for. Esty's normal fees can be as high as 15.8% for our smallest items (higher than selling on Amazon!) This fee is also applied to your shipping cost. So, our Etsy prices must be higher than our website to cover all this extra expense.

So what are you paying for when you shop on Etsy? Well, Etsy does take care of the buyer giving you a confidence level that you will get what you paid for. We also have buyer protection from PayPal, our preferred payment system here at WLC Artistry. So, we only ask that you consider what the high Etsy fees mean for you. Now some people just love shopping on Etsy and we no problems with that. We get lot's of fantastic customers from Etsy and intend to be a long term Etsy store.

Esty Offsite Ads: This is one program that we have tried to opt out of several times. However, at one point, all successful Etsy sellers are forced into this program. Basically, Etsy pays for advertisements on platforms like Google, Facebook and so forth. When we get a sale from one of these ads, Etsy tacks on ANOTHER 12%-15% of the total order including shipping. So now the fee can be as high as 27.8%! There is an argument that if you gain a long term customer, you benefit from this program. We monitor this specifically as would dearly love to see value from this program. However, to date, we have never gained a long term repeat customer from this program.

No one can do business with these costs and common sense pricing. If you came to Etsy from an offsite ad, we seriously ask that you consider placing future orders here on WLCArtistry.com. Once an offsite ad customer orders on Etsy, every order placed over the next 30 days incurs the same super high fees. Just so you know that we are not misrepresenting this, here is is Ety's page on Offsite Ads