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Welcome to WLC Artistry, the home of Cernit USA*. In 2019, based on the premium quality and extensive variety and colors of Cernit polymer clays, we worked with the manufacturer to bring Cernit to the US. At the time, Wilna was literally buying Cernit from online stores in the EU and paying horrible shipping fees and long delivery times.

Cernit Polymer Clays are not available in typical brick and mortar stores. We import Cernit directly from the manufacturer and stock it just south of Houston, TX. This is a central location for most of the US and keeps our shipping timeframes for the entire US as short as possible. You can see our entire line of Cernit Products on our Cernit Page. However, the links below will take you to the specific Cernit Polymer Clay lines. If you are wondering about all of Cernit's amazing colors, you can download the color brochure.

Number 1 Metallics Translucents
Pearls Neons Opalines
Nature Dolls Mixings
Varnishes Mica Powders

*Cernit USA is not affiliated with The Clay and Paint Factory SA located in Belgium. The Clay and Paint Factory SA has no US subsidiaries. Cernit is only sold through distributors in the US.