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Color Reproduction on Websites

We need to have a discussion on the actual colors of our products vs the actual colors. Computer and mobile screens, photographs and other representations of actual items are not perfect. Even if WLC Artistry could get the exact color of an item perfect on our screen, it would most likely be different on every other screen to some degree. WL Artistry attempts to get the most realistic color representations but it is not perfect.

Custom Jewelry for instance, the color changes based on the number and types of light sources. This is why we attempt to get photos under several conditions and backgrounds. Should you have any questions on the specific item of interest, it is your responsibility to ask ahead of placing the order. Shipping costs of the purchase are the responsibility of the buyer at all times.

For Cernit Polymer Clay, the colors produced from the factory are very consistent. However, the baked color and the raw color are not the same. In fact, Translucent products are actually opaque in their raw form until they are baked. WLC Artistry bears no responsibility for these color variations.